Early Modern Sleep Garden

Our sleep garden at Little Moreton Hall has gone from strength to strength, providing eye-catching interest, some amazingly relaxing scents and, most importantly, those sleepy, soporific ingredients we’ve needed at Little Moreton.  The sleep bed has influenced changes to the rest of the Little Moreton garden as the team aim to use it as a resource the way an early modern family would have done. Savour the scents and sights of camomile, lavender, rosehips, poppies, borage, gillyflowers and violets at Little Moreton Hall!

How We Used to Sleep

‘How we used to sleep’ was a collaborative project between the University of Manchester and The National Trust’s Little Moreton Hall – funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The project ran throughout 2017 and offered a unique insight into sleep’s fascinating and complex history. To find out more about the project check out our blog!

Background Image © Victoria and Albert Museum, London.