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Test Your Temperament Quiz

Click on the resource to go to a downloadable pdf. For ideas on how to use the resources check out the GCSE and Primary lesson plans. Please also feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you have found these resources useful!

GCSE Lesson Plan
Primary Lesson Plan









Culpeper On Sleep
Culpeper On Temperament
Primary Source Pack












How to Get to Sleep
Matching Pairs Card Game
Them and Us Worksheet












Recipe Cards
The Road to Good Health! – help the Tudors stay healthy by playing our simple counter game.












How to Sleep Like a Tudor

In this video find out how early modern people relaxed their minds before bed, created home made sleep remedies, and prepared their bedchambers for a good night’s sleep!

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Preventing Illness in the Early Modern World

In this video we explore how early modern people sought to prevent illness. The video examines the theory of the Four Humours and early modern attempts to regulate what was known as the Six Non-Natural Things. These were external forces that were believed to affect the level of humours in the body.

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