The Dreamer is Still Asleep – A Dreamy Soundscape at Little Moreton Hall

At Little Moreton Hall the team have been very lucky to have a new sound installation from Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner. The work is part of the National Trust’s Trust New Art programme in conjunction with Cheshire East Council’s SHIFT programme which encourages engagement with digital arts. The artist Robin took inspiration from Dr Sasha Handley’s work on sleep, particularly her book Sleep in Early Modern England. This informed the dreamy, surreal soundscape now playing at the hall. Visitors can imagine themselves in the liminal space between waking and dreaming, listening to the comforting, creepy and disturbing sounds that would be familiar to someone sleeping at the hall in the early modern period as they drifted in and out of sleep. Come and experience the dreamscape for yourselves – The Dreamer is Still Asleep is at Little Moreton Hall until 29 October 2017. Perfect timing for Little Moreton’s exploration of a Tudor Halloween and those things that go ‘bump’ in the night!

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